In the summer of 1990 a small group of sisters went to MundikaKenya at the invitation of the Bishop of Bungoma and within a short time there was a convent, guest house and home for destitute old people. A chapel and a larger convent were eventually built to accommodate the growing community and the original convent became the Novitiate.

The sisters run an outreach programme in nearby villages in order to support needy people in their own homes. Other activities the sisters are involved in include host-baking, tailoring, candle-making and a shop selling all the goods made in these departments. There is also a new guest house and a farm with maize, bananas, vegetables, ground nuts etc. and a variety of livestock.

 A small nursery school was started in 2012 and in 2015, on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the foundation a Primary school was opened and is now flourishing.

In 2008, St. Benedict’s, a study house was opened in Nairobi, a city with many educational facilities. In 2015 some sisters moved to Chebukaka to a house owned by the diocese where they are helping to develop a polytechnic for the local youth.