Our Spirituality


The Congregation is known as Grace and Compassion Benedictines although our full title is the Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady of Grace and Compassion.

Our lives are grounded in the Rule of St Benedict which was written in the sixth century but is still relevant today.

It is based on Scripture and encourages a person to seek God and his will in a balanced life of prayer, work, learning and living in community.  Central to St Benedict’s vision is the motto “Ora et Labora” that is, “Prayer and Work”. Throughout the day the sisters gather together to worship God in the Liturgy of the Mass and Divine Office and time is set aside each day for personal prayer and Lectio Divina, a prayerful reading of Scripture.

The core values of Benedictine Spirituality, which include obedience, stability, respect and humility, form the basis of our Charism. In the spirit of our Foundress we strive to show hospitality and compassion to the elderly and anyone in need.