Sri Lanka

The first home in Sri Lanka was opened in 1973 with one sister caring for a small group of elderly people. Eight years later a property was donated to the Archdiocese of Colombo and this was entrusted to the sisters to further their work and in 1983 Melville Home was formally opened with three sisters and eight residents. In 2009, Melville was designated as a Priory and in 2018 an extension of the old building was completed and provides 16 extra rooms, a new kitchen, washing-up area and laundry. Melville Priory can now accommodate more than 60 residents. It is also the Novitiate House.

A second house, St Joan’s, was built in 1988 at Ja-Ela, a short distance from Colombo airport. There are about 24 residents here and the small community also help in the nearby Parish with Catechism and the distribution of Communion on Sundays.

Villa Maria Convent was opened in Chilaw in 2008 and this was only possible due to the kindness of a benefactor who gave us the land to build on. Likewise another donor has given us land at Horana where the building of our fourth home is nearing completion.

Two sisters are living at Mattakelle, in the middle of a tea estate, where they run a small pre-school. Through the children, the sisters are able to reach out to the local families, and they also help in the Parish with Sunday school teaching and Catechism.